Dr.Ammar Salman

Orthodontist/ Invisalign Certified Specialist

Dr.Ammar Salman is an orthodontist with 19 years of experience in all orthodontic treatments .Dr.Ammar has been a certified orthodontist since 2004. He has extensive experience in orthodontics appliances and lingual orthodontics with Over thousands of finished treated cases in all orthodontic appliances kinds from metal braces to ceramic and crystalline braces and clear aligners.
He has Experience certificate from Italian studies university work experience in UAE, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. He has graduated from Albaath University in 1999 with a bachelor’s degree in dentistry and obtained his masters in orthodontics from Ministry of health Damascus Syria. Dr Ammar continues and regularly updates himself with latest practices and techniques in dentistry by attending workshops and conferences in Dubai and abroad. Dr.Ammar skilled in Treatment of all orthodontic problems in children: Open bite- Deep bite- Severe crowding Skeleta ddeformities clefts of the lip and palate experience in the application of all types of orthodontic devices: Fixed , removable and functional
Extra oral orthodontic devices: Head gear, chin cap and face mask
Rapid maxillary expansion Orthodontic mini screw (TADs) implant.

Cycling and running are his favorite diversions.
Dr.Ammar speaks Arabic, English.